The Tre' Devon Lane Foundation


Regina Thompson-Jenkins, Founder & CEO
Tre' Devon Lane Foundation

On September 22, 2012 Regina Thompson-Jenkins lost her only child to a senseless act of gun violence.  As a result she is now determined and dedicated to saving someone else's child to this horrible act of violence.  To this end she began the Tre' Devon Lane Foundation whose mission and purpose is to help to solve the gun violence problem and bullying issues in the city of Trenton, NJ.

The problem of violence in Trenton is evident as Tre's was the 15th murder in the city of Trenton, NJ.  The city ended the year with a total of 26 murders, meaning 11 more were committed since late September 2012.  Jenkins, an educator with the Trenton Board of Education for the past 27 years, has great determination to honor her son's legacy through the work of this foundation.  She also serves on the MCCC Smile/Gear-up Program Parent Association Board as secretary for the past 6 years.  She currently holds that position. Regina is married and is a true entrepreneur.  She believes her love of children will make her great at the helm of the Tre' Devon Lane Foundation.

John Jenkins, Jr., Treasurer
Tre' Devon Lane Foundation

John Jenkins, Jr. joins his wife in honoring their son's legacy through the work of the TDLane Foundation.

He brings 6 years of treasurer experience to the TDLane Foundation, through his involvement with the MCCC Smile/Gear-up Program Parent Association.

Jenkins has been a construction worker for 25 years in Labor Local 77, and is currently pursuing his Boiler License Certification.  John also is an entrepreneur, and owner of JJ's Hot Dogs & More in Trenton, NJ.


Bryan Caver, Athletic Director

Tre' Devon Lane Foundation

Bryan Caver works on a broad range of projects serving the citizens of Trenton New Jersey. He is CEO of Taste of Heaven Sports & Entertainment Group, LLC as well as founder of the Non-Profit Team C.H.O.I.C.E.S. Through these groups he has organized basketball leagues for both adults and children, he has Executive Produced Gospel Project and promoted gospel concerts for various artists. He also coaches with the Trenton Central High School Boys Basketball Program at the Varsity & JV levels. He is a long time Educator and Behavioral Interventionist for Mercer County Special Services.

In 1990, Bryan was instrumental in leading his High School team to Back to Back State Championships and because of this he was awarded a Full Athletic Scholarship to attend Seton Hall University. There he went on to become the only player to appear in four consecutive NCAA Tournaments, he led the United States to a Gold Medal in the 1991 Junior National Championships in Canada along with winning three Big East Championship Titles during his time with Seton Hall University. His college studies, athletic background and focus on community collaboration have led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and community leadership roles. He is a father, a mentor, a coach, a leader and a friend.  Bryan currently serves on the Tre’ Devon Lane Foundation board as the Athletic Director.

Nathania Ariel Peterson, Board Member
Tre' Devon Lane Foundation

Nathania Ariel Peterson, was born in Brooklyn, NY and currently reside in Trenton, NJ. She is a full time student at Mercer County Community College, majoring in Pediatric Respiratory Therapy.

Working with children is Nathania's passion in life. She is found to be a loving, and caring person who is dedicated to any cause for the good of our younger generation.

Shannon L. Mack, Board Member
Tre' Devon Lane Foundation

Educator, Mentor, Tutor, Poetess,  and Authoress
She attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, but got her master's in living life.  She is a seventeen year educational  veteran  who works in The Trenton Public School System.  She mentors with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Pariah Poetry (a community organization she founded).  She was also the community liaison for Phoenix (a poetry group formed by Doc Long).

Shannon has been involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer County, in the capacity of a lead teacher for the past three years.  She teaches chess, several academia classes, and  is a Girl Scout Leader, but her favorite class is Smart Girls Noire'.

Shannon mentors girls in grades fifth through eighth, in the concepts of maturation, creativity, and empowers them via jewelry making, creative art concepts, and being their unique selves.  She is all these things and many more, but her gifts and talents that truly prosper her, are her poetical skills and the fact that she is soon to be a published author. She is a word phenom.

Jasmine Washington, Board Member
Tre' Devon Lane Foundation

Jasmine Washington is a Trenton, NJ native who works in the nursing field.  She is an alumnus of Trenton Central High School and the Project Smile/Upward Bound Program.  Jasmine is helping us with our mission to help educate our inner city on the importance of community awareness and gun violence.  With every scholarship provided through the Tre’ Devon Lane Foundation, we encourage our youth to shoot for the moon, even if they miss; they will still be amongst the stars.

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