The Tre' Devon Lane Foundation

Project M.E.N.S Program


Tre’ Devon Lane Foundation (Project M.E.N.S Mentoring Group stands for Men Empowering New Seeds) In the Urban community, young black males or males of color are often left fatherless and are left with no strong male figure as a role model.  It makes a difference to have a positive male influence in a boy’s life.  This program is in a unique position to bring about dramatic, measurable change in the lives of Trenton’s male youth. Changing the mindsets within populations of poverty requires building relationships among the youth and parents. The Tre’ Devon Lane Foundation in Trenton, NJ is committed to serving at risk, low income, and urban area youth of Trenton. Part of that is providing a quality program like Project M.E.N.S Mentoring Group that promotes leadership, promotes higher education, and building a stronger community as a whole.

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